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Welcome to the official site of the band Methedreame 2024

Methedreame is a band that has, primarily been a "studio project" but we will be returning to the stage very soon.

The Methedreame logo symbolises the correlation between mortality, superstition, religion, fear & violence. The coffin represents mortality, the pentagram superstition and the stylised sword/cross symbolises religion and violence.

Whilst we have a wide range of influences, our style is often described as "Gothic Rock", "Gothic Metal", "Gothic Industrial", or just plain "Rock". All of these descriptions can apply, depending on our mood, and we also throw in a touch of acoustic guitar.

We're not keen on biographies etc. as we prefer our music to be the main focus. So, we hope you like our music.

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Methedreame will be making a rare live appearance at The Exchange, Bristol, on Sunday 16th January 2021, in support of Inertia and Massa Circles.

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